cylent: our advanced technology platform

Designed for rapid deployment with the power to easily configure for a wide variety of applications and environments.

Reliable, adaptable and standards based

Designed with a high availability architecture, cylent provides high speed packet capture, analysis and mediation in large telecommunications networks. The processing can be either passive or active using software that has been incrementally developed and matured over two decades. The software platform continues to evolve and grow to include new technologies and products, such as 5G cellular services and Internet of Things (IoT). The product line includes but is not limited to; fixed line, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and a broad range of other products and media that leverage these technologies.

cylent has been developed to comply with international industry standards (ETSI, 3GPP) ensuring the ability to interoperate with other lawful interception, security and intelligence software products and systems. A product line that complies to international standards, works with all the major established telecommunications OEM switching and network equipment, naturally lends itself to any CSP network environment.

How it works

The platform includes three key elements:



Libraries of established protocols to provide deep packet inspection of high bandwidth links supporting lawful interception of all types of media on carrier networks. As complexity and variety of protocols grows, so do the LIPS libraries to capture, mediate and deliver various media formats. As network bandwidth continues to grow exponentially, the processing power of LIPS grows allowing processing at near real time speeds. LIPS was designed specifically to find “needles in haystacks” irrespective of technology, media or speed.



An established intuitive user interface providing both user and administrator capabilities. The MPS application provides an OS independent thin client interface to cylent allowing the complexities of this product to be presented in a user-friendly format. MPS was designed to allow users to intuitively configure the powerful cylent engine to look for “needles of interest within the haystacks of data.”  Softel’s nextGen MPS interface provides a broad range of Lawful Interception capabilities to users.



Libraries of algorithms that allow traffic patterns and behaviours to become more meaningful and valuable than just the content of the traffic. Analytics is a growing area for cylent as our engineering team find more ways to assist our customers interpret and generate value from the masses of data traveling on networks. Analytics was designed to “make sense of the collected needles”.

The future of cylent is bright

Softel has an active research & development team continuing to develop our cylent product range to include improved machine learning and big data algorithms. Using the wealth of knowledge the team has developed in this ever-changing market, cylent continues to grow with new capabilities allowing analysts, CSPs and others to make sense of the huge amount of network traffic being monitored. Using a combination of content analytics and behaviour monitoring, cylent assists our customers in performing their important jobs more efficiently and effectively and making the world a safer place.