Crime fighting software

Change the game of detecting and investigating cyber-crime — cylent ANALYST uses big data and machine learning to gather and interpret intelligence.

cylent-analyst cylentANALYST

Lawful interception

Efficient, reliable and compliant — every day cylent WITNESS is used by some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers to lawfully intercept communications on their networks.

cylent-witness cylent WITNESS

Critical infrastructure

Protecting critical national infrastructure from malicious cyber attacks — cylent KNIGHT is a sophisticated software platform providing cyber security protection a level beyond firewalls. KNIGHT uses machine learning to continuously identify new threats to key critical infrastructure systems and networks.

cylent-knight cylent KNIGHT

Circuit to IP transition

Leveraging the mature cylent software product line — CIRCUIT provides a low risk proven solution for migrating lawful interception delivery from from legacy circuit based technology to modern IP connections.

cylent-circuit cylent CIRCUIT

Complex problem solving

The specialist engineers who built cylent also provide innovative custom project solutions for niche cyber communications and security challenges. Leveraging our protocol expertise, big data knowledge and background in machine learning, Softel can solve your complex telecommunications and cyber security challenges.

cylent-services cylent SERVICES

Our technology platform

cylent is ready to solve your problems

We built cylent to provide the core technology needed to power our telecommunications and cyber security solutions. It’s modular, flexible and reusable. While no two customer’s environments are the same, our technology platform allows us to build high quality custom solutions faster and more cost-effectively. cylent was designed to support rapid deployments and configurations of a variety of applications and environments.

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World leading capability

Softel have the people, expertise and technology to get the job done.


Proven Technology

With over 15 years of continuous development behind it, our platform is used by Australia’s largest telecommunications companies.


Recognised Authority

We are active contributors to the international information security body of knowledge.


Expert People

Our people are world-leading practical problem-solvers with a deep understanding of network communications protocols.

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