Advanced cyber-attack protection for critical infrastructure

Cyber threats to critical national infrastructure are ever-changing. Softel’s solution uses the latest in machine learning to intelligently automate the process for understanding and identifying them.

Introducing cylent KNIGHT

Softel have the people, expertise and product to provide beyond firewall protection to networks supporting critical national infrastructure.


Proven Technology

With over 15 years of continuous development behind it, our platform continues to grow to include the latest in machine learning, threat detection and network protection that goes beyond just understanding the content of messages.


Evolving Platform

With cyber threats in networked solutions evolving and changing rapidly, you need a software platform that evolves at an equal pace to identify, defend and isolate future threats.


Expert people

Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique environment and configuration of your network and evaluate the threat profile and business logic of the infrastructure to be protected.

World-leading solutions, deployed fast

cylent KNIGHT is modular and flexible, with re-usable components. Using the latest in machine learning, our solution learns more from traffic patterns than from traffic content. Using algorithms that continue to evolve, patterns are formed, and malicious attacks can be identified regardless of encryption or other multimedia formats used on the network. KNIGHT provides you with the tools needed to identify and isolate threats, allowing you to improve security protocols and firewall protection. In conjunction with other analysis tools, cylent KNIGHT provides a powerful engine for cyber security professionals to protect national infrastructure assets on networks.

Take a look under the hood

Specialised solutions built on established software

KNIGHT is our network analysis and processing technology built on cylent — the core technology used to power all of our telecommunications and cyber security solutions. It provides the robust framework needed to tame the cyber future.

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