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Leveraging the engineering talent behind cylent, Softel offers a team of dedicated cyber security, networking protocol experts, and software engineers to address your network and security challenges.

Introducing cylent SERVICES

With project teams providing full turn key project services ranging from management and product development through to 24/7 maintenance and support, Softel have the people, expertise and product to solve your complex software, security and networking challenges.


Proven Experience

With over 15 years of continuous development behind it, our platform continues to grow and the team developing it continue to hone their niche technical skills.


Evolving Capability

With cyber threats, network environment and rapid changes in communication technology, you need a team of experts capable of addressing the continuously changing technical environment.


Expert People

With a highly trained team of engineering professionals, Softel has the talent to address your software and engineering challenges.

World-leading solutions, deployed fast

cylent SERVICES is the ability for customers to leverage our skilled engineering team behind the cylent platform. Our SERVICES include project management, software, systems and test engineering, through life support along with cradle to grave management and development of products and projects. Our engineers design products, including hardware and software, along with addressing compliance for release to commercial markets. Our team comprises engineers with niche skills in telecommunications and network protocols, high bandwidth data capture and mediation, along with analytics, big data and machine learning expertise.

Take a look under the hood

Specialised solutions built on established software

SERVICES are our engineers responsible for developing our network analysis and processing technology cylent — the core technology used to power all of our telecommunications and cyber security solutions. Access the team that builds the product.

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