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Softel Systems’ mission is to provide you with quality, high value products and services in a long-term relationship. We operate as a tight-knit team of experts dedicated to delivering outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.

Softel Systems was established in 2002 and has a background in IT computer security and telecommunications traffic monitoring. Since that time, we have steadily grown by developing innovative solutions in short timeframes that are beyond the capability of the larger industry players. We have significant experience in providing and maintaining high availability systems in secure environments.

Softel is a company with an engineering emphasis and our customers include the largest telecommunications service providers in the country. We have low overheads, no dedicated sales staff, and are responsive and efficient. Our core activities include in-house product-related software development, integration of specialised off-the-shelf hardware components and the engineering of telecommunications solutions for our clients.

At Softel Systems, we recognise that good software engineering principles are part of the foundation of building a reliable and robust system. We are designers, developers and implementors of highly complex systems and, as such, we consistently apply solid engineering principles at all stages. We can deliver lasting value to your business in many ways, ranging from a responsive, high-level assessment of your requirements to longer term assignments, working independently or in concert with your staff.

Softel Systems values your privacy. Please refer to our privacy statement.