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With an emphasis on delivering complete systems, Softel can supply and support you with products from a wide range of sources:


  • Packetsensor: Our Packetsensor appliance is a flexible network monitoring device that we can configure with a number of 10/100/1000 Mbps or 10G wire-speed packet capture ports.
  • A variety of software loads are available to transform the hardware into a high-performance network monitoring device.
  • Mobile Positioning System Monitor: captures, decodes and analyses the traffic generated within a mobile positioning system to enable efficient handset validation and system fault identification.
  • Mobile Positioning Client: a robust positioning client with high grade security controls.
  • High Performance Buffering Solution: an inline system that captures high volumes of ftp files and where possible forwards then to their final destination. Where networks or destination servers are not available, high performance hardware and highly efficient algorithms ensure best possible throughput and reliability.


Softel Systems is an Australian reseller of Napatech products.  Napatech products enable you to tap into your network, giving you 100% visibility of your network traffic without ever introducing a point of failure. Napatech 2-port and 4-port network acceleration cards (NACs) provide full packet capture and analysis of network data at 4, 20, and 40 Gbps with zero packet loss.

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